About Us

1. Who are we?

We are a very large group of angry former Republicans (and Democrats) who are tired of voting for the same 2 parties and getting no positive results. We are Liberty lovers. We wish to restore the American Republic and to remove the despotism in this country.

2. Why are we leaving the Republican Party?

The GOP is so corrupt that they are willing to ignore the voice and will of their own people. They displayed tyrannical traits at the County, State & National conventions. A Party that has no regard for rules or the people should not be given high power. They have shown how far they are willing to go to get what “they” want. We must not let them win. Our democratic republic truly depends on it.

3. Do our votes matter?

Absolutely! Your votes in all elections are incredibly important. Many have a sad belief that their 1 single vote is so insignificant that it’s not even worth leaving work or home to cast it. If we took all of the people that felt this way and hypothetically voted for a 3rd party candidate, that candidate would be the next President of the United States (given the Electoral College doesn’t cast their votes for major parties, but that’s another topic for discussion).

4. Who will we support?

We are throwing our support behind Libertarian Party candidates. Democrats and Republicans cannot be trusted under their current leadership.

5. Who is Ron Paul?

This will answer all your questions. Click the picture.

6. Who is Gary Johnson?

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7. What is the Libertarian Party and what do they stand for?

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